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Title Mathnawi Rumi Vol 1-6 (PB)
Author Translated M.G.Gupta
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ISBN 9788191002911
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Description This is the only complete translation of the Mathnawi in the English language from the original Persian with interpretation.
The six volumes represent six states in spiritual evolution.
The Mathnawi or Masnavi,written in Persian by Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Rumi,the celebrated Persian Sufi saint and poet,is one of the most influential works of Sufism and Persian literature.Comprising siz books of poems having more than 50,000 lines and more than 400 stories that depict man's struggle in his search for God and salvation.
It is considered to be the most important work of Muslim literature after the Holy Koran.In fact,the Masnavi has often been referred to as the "Ouran-e- Farsee' or The Persian Koran'.