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Title Two Virgins
Author Kamala Markandaya
Cover Price Rs.250.00
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ISBN 9780143102496
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Description ‘She tossed and turned, her body an alien creature full of strange, strong impulses beyond her control.’

Saroja lives in a village with her parents, aunt and beautiful elder sister Lalitha. Saroja’s life is uncomplicated, and simple things give her joy like the birth of a calf or a taste of one of Chingleput’s sweets. Lalitha, on the other hand, believes she is too good for the village. Ambitious and spoilt, she has dreams of being a movie star that are fulfilled when a film-maker casts her in his documentary on village life. Overnight Lalitha becomes the talk of the town; her latent sexuality manifests itself and she uses her elevated status to her advantage. Basking in Lalitha’s reflected glory Saroja tries to imitate her womanly wiles, which results in confused ideas about sexuality and ambition. But when the family is faced with a scandal, Saroja emerges with a practical outlook on life.