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Title Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine (PB)
Author Viji Varadarajan and Padmini Natarajan
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ISBN 8190287648
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Description This book won a 'Special Jury Award' at Paris in July 2009. A one of a kind book 'Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine' is a rare documentary of life in a traditional Hindu home in Tamil Nadu. It has fabulous photographs running throughout the book. Highly appreciated 'Classic Tamil' was well written in a Croatian magazine and by the German press in Luxembourg. ANNAM or food is a form of the Almighty ('annam parabrahma swaroopam') according to the Hindu scriptures. All beings are born and live by food and ultimately go back to the earth and merge in it to become food. Food is the supreme medicine of all ('aushadham ucchyathe sarvam').