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Title Prana and Pranayama (PB)
Author Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati
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ISBN 9788186336793
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Description Prana and Pranayama is a comprehensive text on the classical philosophy of prana,life,force and pranayama,the expansion and control of the life force.It provides a complete description of the science of pranayama as presented in the classical texts and as taught in the Satyananda Yoga tradition by Bihar School of Yoga.
The first part of the book explores the theory of prana and its related yogic concepts:koshas,chakras,nadis,and mantras.Secondly,it expands upon respiratory physiology and current research undertaken by science on pranayama.In the practical section,specific guidelines for practising pranayama are given,using detailed instructions and illustrations.Throughout the text,scriptural sources further enhance the reader's understanding,bringing to light the original essence and intent of these classic teachings.