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Title Indian Herbs (PB)
Author Dr.Vijayachandradas, Dr.Mahesh Babu, Dr.A.G.Mathew Ph.d, Antony Joseph I.F.S (Rtd)
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ISBN 9788188000173
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Description The book opens by giving a brief history of Traditional Medicines practiced in the ancient world. It highlights the importance of ‘Ayurveda’, the Indian Traditional Medicine evolved over 6000 years ago from the deep wisdom of spiritually enlightened ‘Rishis’. The Sages did not commit their thoughts to writing, but handed them over to posterity by means of oral tradition.

It was during 3000 to 2000 BC that Ayurveda was codified from the oral tradition to a book form. "Indian Herbs" provides an insight into 40 important herbs which play a major role in Ayurvedic treatment