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Title Flowering Plants of The Western Ghats India (HB) Vol 1 & Vol 2
Author T S Nayar, A Rasiya Beegam and M Sibi
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ISBN 9788192009896
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Description The Western Ghats, a global biodiversity hotspot and a world heritage site, are a series of mountain ranges that extend for more than 1600 Km traveling almost parallel to the west coast of India, 15-50 km inland. Home to more than 1270 endemic plant species, these mountain ranges cover an estimated area of 164280 square kilometres and harbour one of the finest tropical forest in the world.

This work in two volumes comprehensively covers for the first time the flowering plants of Western Ghats. It records 7402 species, 117 subspecies and 476 varieties from the area and treats 66 species, 5 subspecies and 14 varieties under doubtful occurrence. Altogether, it deals with 8080 taxa.

Each taxon is provided with correct name, important synonyms, nature of habit (herb,shrub,tree etc.), references to good descriptions and illustrations, distribution in the world and the Western Ghats, indigenous, endemic and exotic nature, IUCN threat categories, phenology across the Western Ghats, uses, local names in six Indian languages and other important details.

An authentic guide for all who deal with the flowering plants of the Western Ghats, India and tropics, these volumes are structured in a precise manner to access any single or collective information of a taxon with least effort. It makes this work unique and anybody's first point of reference.

This book is a valuable guide to all interested in the flora of this unique ecosystem.