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Title Motherland SKIN Issue #11
Author Motherland
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ISBN 9788192405490
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Description MOTHERLAND
Trends, issues & ideas that shape contemporary Indian culture
The eleventh issue of Motherland sits close to the bone, touching on the border between the world and ourselves: skin. In India the skin colour bias is so deeply ingrained into our formative years that it spills into personal histories, quietly shaping daily rituals. And it is these rituals around which this issue circles, looking at the social commentaries that can be derived from any idea of beauty and a conflicted relationship with one’s own skin.

Motherland is the first Indian magazine to discard the stereotypical general-interest format in favour of adopting for each issue one theme, from which editorial and visual content is expanded. We provide a degree of depth and a fresh perspective on the trends, issues & ideas that shape contemporary Indian culture.
Our longform feature stories, cutting-edge art direction, gallery-grade photo essays and unique paper quality give Motherland a longer shelf life than most other publications. Each issue’s aesthetic, driven by its particular theme, makes it the kind of publication that readers continually anticipate.
Drawing from young and established, local and international contributors, Motherland is both a platform for and collaboration between stylish, insightful writers, photographers and illustrators.