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Title Treasures of Indian Wildlife(HB)
Author Compiled by Dr. Ashok Kothari and Dr. B.F. Chhapgar
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ISBN 9780195677287
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Description This book brings together articles, drawings, and paintings from valuable old books, journals, and gazetteers in the collection of the Bombay Natural History Society. The historical writings of wildlife and bird enthusiasts of the past paint a vivid picture of India's rich flora and fauna, in urgent need of protection today. Stunning paintings, mostly of birds, and lithographs and sketches of animals and trees, scenery and monuments by eminent European wildlife artists of the 19- and early 20- century are brought together. In a substantial section at the end of the book, gleanings from the miscellaneous notes section of early issues fo the Journal of the BNHS provide interesting snippets of information on species as wide ranging as red ants, mongoose, monitor lizard, python, cobra, cheeta and darter.