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Description Birds Of The Indian Subcontinent is the latest version of the field guide that was published in 1998, in the same name. This newest edition covers nearly all species of birds that can be found in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Maldives, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

This second edition of the book contains special features such as fully upgraded colour maps of the entire bird species, coverage of all the bird species in the Indian subcontinent, and a portable volume which concisely highlights key characteristics of each bird from the region.

Birds Of The Indian Subcontinent has information on more than 1300 species of birds. Some of the species of birds in the book are Locustella naevia, Otus thilohoffmanni, Pallas’ grasshopper warbler, S. whistleri, and Seicercus burkii.

The authors have included 214 colour plates for quick visual reference. The plates are accompanied by maps and descriptions of each bird species. The plates are placed such that they face maps and text for quick reference. Newer plates have been added to the second edition and many of the older plates from the previous edition have been repainted. For bird species that are difficult to observe such as the warbler, rose finch, and nightjar, the authors have included detailed tables which summarise specific identification characteristics.

Birds Of The Indian Subcontinent was published in 2011.