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Title Indian Philosophy Vol:1(PB)
Author Radhakrishnan
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ISBN 9780195698411
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Description Indian Philosophy (Volume 1) is a part of the classic two-volume set that surveys the philosophical landscape in India during the Epic and Vedic periods. It covers the Indian schools of thought from the days of the Rig Veda to Ramanuja. This comprehensive survey turns back the clock to search for pearls of wisdom hidden in ancient Indian philosophical texts in a hope to find answers to the burning issues of our time.

Back in the day, the Indian philosophers and thinkers asked a number of illuminating questions, one of the most important of them pertaining to the utpatti (origin) and jnapti (apprehension) of pramanya (truth). At the heart of almost all Indian philosophies lay the three cornerstone concepts of atman (self or soul), karma (work), and moksha (liberation). The incredible depth of these philosophies is captured in Indian Philosophy (Volume 1).

The first volume elaborates on the myriad features that characterize Indian philosophy. The introduction to this new edition is written by the eminent philosopher J. N. Mohanty, who is an emeritus philosophy professor at Temple University. Both volumes 1 and 2 will appeal greatly to scholars, students of Indian philosophy, religious studies, and history, and general readers with a penchant for surveying philosophical thought.

Indian Philosophy (Volume 1) was received with great adulation and cheer. It was appreciated for its elaborate treatment of Indian philosophy. The book can be read by anyone from an undergraduate student studying philosophy to a scholar already well-versed in this field.