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Title Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea(HB)
Author Rekha Sarin , Rajan Kapoor
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ISBN 9789381523919
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Description Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea is a pictorial journey through time, into the heartlands of tea, across the length and breadth of the vast and diverse nation that is India, offering the reader a varied selection of the universally popular brew. It affords a glimpse into the making of the cup that cheers – the locales, the people and the process – a visual treat for the tea connoisseur, the casual tea-lover, the tea industry enthusiast or the tourist looking for off-the-beat, unexplored, pristine holiday spots. The repertoire of teas offered by India is, perhaps, like none other in the world. The geographical spread and climatic variations of the land impart distinct characteristics to the different varieties of tea grown in each region, be it Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Kangra valley, Dooars or the like. The book brings alive the entire panoramic picture of these ever-special Indian teas through an array of brilliant photographs and meticulously researched text that together spin and weave the tea-story. Starting from the history and origins of the brew, it transports the reader into the fascinating world of tea gardens, the life of the workers and the planters, the bountiful natural landscapes and regional cultural nuances, and reveals the myriad perspectives that go beyond the brew, to make tea an experience to be cherished. It also highlights the labor intensive process of growing and plucking the leaf, the intricacies of production, professional tea tasting, tea auctions and e-auctions, all of which reflect the vastness of the industry at work. The book is an impassioned endeavor to draw the reader into the true magic of tea that reflects the marvel of nature, human perseverance and intelligence. A true tea aficionado’s delight and joy for the book lover!