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Title India Travel Guide Lonely Planet(PB)
Author Sarina Singh, Stuart Butler, Katja Gaskell, Anirban Mahapatra, Daniel McCrohan, John Noble, Amy Karafin, Kevin Raub, Trent Holden, Lindsay Brown, Mark Elliott, Kate James, Michael Benanav, Bradley Mayhew, Abigail Hole
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ISBN 9781741797800
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Description 30th anniversary edition(September 2011). India's diversity is apparent in its architecture, landscapes, festivals and handicrafts. And spirituality - the beating heart of India - pulsates from the mountains of Ladakh to the shores of tropical Kerala.
17 authors, 83 weeks of research, 132 ancient temples, 196 maps
3D plans of iconic sights
Comprehensive planning tools
In-depth background
Delhi pull-out map