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Title The Spiritual Roots of Yoga (PB)
Author Ravi Ravindra
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ISBN 9788178223650
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Description Whenever I meet Ravi Ravindra I am reminded of J. Krishnamurti, whom I taught yoga for many years. Having known Ravindra for a long time I admire his honest spiritual quest. He is indeed a true sadhaka, a rare and true sanyasi. Enjoy his spiritual journey. He not only practices yoga but communicates it so well. I recommend this book to all serious students of yoga. - Sri TKV Desikachar, author of the Heart of yoga: Developing a personal practice

The style of the author is disarming and easy and, even while stating profound ideas, there is a simplicity of form that is appealing. In many essays the author goes beyond the superficial word-meanings and touches the wisdom of the sages at its deepest levels. - T. S. Rukmani, Professor and Chair of Hindu studies, Concordia University, Montreal